COMMUNITY CATCHMENT RESTORATION FOUNDATION (CCRF) is a registered not for profit organization in India. CCRF’s main focus is on community driven decentralized water management. CCRF is the legally independent, India office of The Flow Partnership (TFP), a UK based NGO engaged in building a global network of communities, people and projects who use holistic approaches to water management to influence real, demonstrable improvements for their communities and landscapes.

CCRF enables communities and community based organizations to manage droughts and floods, reviving landscapes and catchments  through practical, real community-based projects. Through these projects, CCRF and TFP are creating digital knowledge resources to enable communities to manage the water in their landscapes successfully.

CCRF believes that:

  • Water is a renewable resource as long as the water cycle is functioning
  • Water’s interaction in the framework of the whole ecosystem should be re-established
  • Introducing even minor measures to regulate the state and circulation of water in a place have synergistic effects locally and globally

CCRF works with communities and community based organizations to:

  • Use traditional, effective, and location specific measures to re-establish water balance at the local level by holding rainwater in the places where it falls and to slow its flow
  • Sensibly manage water and vegetation to help mitigate and adapt to climatic change at the local level
  • Act in the same way across larger areas, expecting a tempering of global climate change

If you are an individual, community and/or community based organization working to revive your catchments through traditional measures backed by science and are looking for partnerships, please contact us here

Sita Bawadi is rectangular in shape. There are waves in it. In its center is a point which is symbolic of life. Outside the bawadi rectangle are the steps and on all its four corners are flowers. The flowers signify the fragrance of life. It is very difficult to depict so many things in a single and simple sketch. Yet the minds and hearts of the engravers are so filled with love for the bawadi that they depict this effortlessly thereby giving us a glimpse of what it means to be a water rich society.”     

सीता बावड़ी में एक मुख्य आयत है। भीतर लहरें हैं। बीचोंबीच एक बिन्दु है जो जीवन का प्रतीक है। आयत के बाहर सीढ़ियां हैं और चारों कोनों पर फूल हैं और फूल में है जीवन की सुगंध।
इतनी सब बातें एक सरस रेखा चित्र में उतार पाना बहुत कठिन है लेकिन हमारे समाज का एक बड़ा हिस्सा बहुत सहजता के साथ इस बावड़ी को गुदने की तरह अपने तन पर उकेरता रहा।   

           From ‘Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talab‘ by Shri Anupam Mishra