Minni Jain

Minni Jain’s skill is in bringing unlikely combinations of people together in order to bring about the real action needed to enable change in complex systems. Her driving force has always been in keeping the focus on the search for the deeper spiritual meaning of life, to aspire to that which is higher than ourselves. Her work has always tried to initiate and connect grass -root level movements, in India, which is where she originally comes from and in the UK where she now lives. Her motivation is to enable a voice for the poor, the marginalised and the dispossessed using all her abilities. The spiritual question she has been busy with all her life is Who am I?

Philip Franses

Philip Franses use his expertise in holistic thinking and managing resources wisely to construct a unified approach to water. His approach addresses the perspectives of the different stakeholders, while keeping the emphasis on restoring water in its vital place within the cycles of nature. Philip studied mathematics at New College, Oxford and has worked designing intelligent software for a variety of organisations. He mentors PhD students in Holistic Science, is the author of Time Light and the Dice of Creation, Chief Editor of the Holistic Science Journal and runs Global Synapses, a network of people and organisations that bridge meaning and practice without separation.

Chetna Joshi

Chetna works on issues related to water, agriculture biodiversity and climate.

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